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bases and an upright habit. The seedhead is cylindrical, up to 10 cm long and yellowish in colour due to the bristles associated with each spikelet. Yellow Bristle Grass Wireweed (Polygonum aviculare) is a widespread annual with wiry, trailing stems that form mats up to 1 m in width. Wireweed

Betanal Forte

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nightshade, cornbind and willow weed are controlled only up to four true leaf stage.  Grass weeds, mature annual broad-leaved weeds, perennial broadleaved weeds and wireweed are not controlled.  Small beet plants do not tolerate competition from weeds. You should aim, therefore

Serenade BBQ Giveaway

to the Promoter and not to any social media platform; and (c) any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Promotion will be directed to the Promoter, not to any social media platform. Win 1 of 3 BBQs Purchase Serenade Prime or Serenade Optimum from any PGG Wrightson or Fruitfed Supplies


financial payment made to third parties as directed by you. 3.4 Employees Employee information is held in accordance with Bayer’s separate employee privacy policy. 4. How will Bayer collect and hold your personal information? We will, wherever possible, collect information about you

Luna Sensation

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, and brown rot in stonefruit. In grapes, Luna Sensation can be used in nil detectable residue programmes (when used as directed). In stonefruits, Luna Sensation reduces rots and extends shelf life in post-harvest storage. One day withholding period in stonefruit. Luna Sensation

Previcur N

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uptake from the roots provides protection to aerial parts of the plant Long lasting – provides up to 3-4 weeks protection against damping off disease Good crop safety (when used as directed) Easy to use liquid formulation Pack size - 1L

Luna Privilege

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of flowering upto 80% flowering. When used as directed, Luna Privilege leaves nil detectable residues at harvest. When applied before flowering, Luna Privilege can be tank mixed with Movento 100SC and other products used on Kiwifuit. (Please refer to the User Guide). STOP PRESS: In the export spray programme

Serenade Prime

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a consistent volume to be applied to each plant (eg; 50 mL of drench mixture per plant). In-furrow application (direct sown): Apply as an in-furrow spray in the required amount of water per hectare for the crop at planting. Mount the spray nozzle so the spray is directed into the furrow just before

Sencor 480SC

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-emergence in direct seeded or transplant crops:  Apply as a directed spray when the tomatoes have 4 true leaves and the weeds are at the cotyledon stage.  Use 730 mL in 300-600 L of water/ha. Benefits Sencor 480SC controls a wide range of weeds early on, leading to increased yields

Sencor SC600

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; Apply as a directed spray when the tomatoes have 4 true leaves and the weeds are at the cotyledon stage.  Use 580 mL in 300-600 L of water/ha. Sencor SC600 is no longer available in New Zealand. It has been replaced by Sencor 480SC. Please go to the Sencor 480SC product page for more
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