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, speedwell, spurrey, stinking mayweed, storksbill, twin cress, vetch, volunteer brassicas, vulpia hair grass, white campion, white clover, wild oats, wild portulaca, wild radish, charlock, wild turnip, willow herb, willow weed, wireweed, yellow bristle grass Use this page for weed identification

Brassica Seed Crops

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. The key to growing a productive brassica crop is getting it off to the right start by applying an effective insecticidal seed treatment. Gaucho from Bayer Crop Science is ideal for controlling all of the key insect pests likely to attack brassicas in New Zealand. Brassica Seed Crops Brassica Seed

Forage Brassicas

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Forage Brassicas Forage Brassicas Forage brassicas Forage Brassicas forage brassicas, kale, rape, turnips, swedes Information on forage brassicas, pests that affect forage brassicas, the products to treat the pests and spray programmes. Forage Brassicas

Forage Brassica Spray Programme - Insect Pests

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Insects Insects Insects Forage Brassica Spray Programme - Insect Pests To combat insects in your forage brassicas crop, you will need an effective spray programme. Bayer Crop Science offers Gaucho and Mesurol Pro - please refer to the product label for a full list of rates, the insects

Spray Programmes

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Spray Programmes Spray Programmes Spray Programmmes Spray Programmes To maximise your forage brassicas yield potential you will need an effective spray programme. Bayer Crop Science offers a range of herbicide, fungicides, insecticides and seed treatments which can be used as part


huttoni) often referred to as Nysius is a native New Zealand plant bug that feeds on a very wide range of plants including important crops such as wheat, clovers, fodder Read less Read more beet and brassicas. Adult bugs are quite small (2.5 - 4.0 mm), brownish grey in colour and hairy. Insects

Betanal quattro case study - Clinton Carroll, Wairarapa

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is critical. The margins for timing are not as generous as they might be for, say, brassicas. With beet a week delayed can make a big difference to the crop yield and quality. Betanal quattro case study - Clinton Carroll Betanal quattro case study - Clinton Carroll, Wairarapa

Kiwi hatching goes global

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, the centre is run with the help of a small and dedicated band of volunteers. Entry is by donation as the centre is a non-profit organisation that survives without government help.

Challenges of a world record attempt

needs to made along with the factors that were considered when reaching decisions about the agrochemicals and nutrients to be applied. On the day the attempt is made, a small army of helpers, both in a professional and volunteer capacity, are required to ensure every single minute of the attempt

Youth Ag Summit - Winners Announced

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Waimate, South Canterbury. After finishing school in 2011, he decided to take a gap year and spent time volunteering in Africa. This experience gave him a passion for poverty alleviation and led him to pursue a career in agriculture development. After returning from his travels, Shaun began studying
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