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Spurrey Spurrey Spurrey Spurrey Spurrey (Spergula arvensis) is common throughout New Zealand. Germinating in the spring and autumn and typically in dense populations, Spurrey can suppress establishment and significantly compete with developing crops. Spurrey


with yellow centers. It germinates in the spring and is common in crops, disturbed ground and thin established pastures. As its name suggests when crushed stinking mayweed has a very strong distinctive smell. Stinking Mayweed Spurrey (Spergula arvensis) is a fine-stemmed, sprawling annual weed which

An updated product label makes Betanal quattro a more convenient fodder beet herbicide

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to the label allow even more flexibility in Betanal quattro use for this season,” says Daniel. “The label now has a maximum 5 L/ha use rate which allows farmers to more effectively target larger weeds and some harder to control weeds like spurrey and nettle. The 5 L/ha rate should only be used once the beet


, e.g. annual poa, shepherd's purse, spurrey. Nortron is the brand leader, known and trusted by New Zealand farmers for many years. Based on non-ALS chemistry Nortron allows a break from using ALS herbicides in paddocks and is an important part of weed control husbandry.

Betanal quatro case study - Andrew Hide, North Canterbury

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taken those dryland operations and converted over the past 20 years. Water sourced from the Waimakariri Irrigation project completed in 2002 now covers 18,000ha, linked by 250km of irrigation races. Bayer New Zealand Limited The growth in dairying has coincided with an increase in demand for high

Betanal Forte

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not apply if air temperatures are likely to exceed 29oC on the day of spraying. Herbicide activity will also be slowed down in cool weather. Betanal Forte readily controls seedling stages of: chickweed, fathen, fumitory, groundsel, redroot, shepherd’s purse, spurrey, nettle and twin cress. Black

Bayer Hawke's Bay Young Viticulturist of the Year 2018 announced

spurred Luke on to compete for the first time. There was a bit of friendly rivalry, but ultimately Luke was very proud to see her husband-to-be pick up the trophy. Apart from Hunt, all the other contestants were entering for the very first time. “It is exciting to see a new wave of young vits coming


: Loose smut and Covered smut  Mix 1.0 L of Raxil with 5 - 10 L of water and apply as a slurry treatment to 1.0 tonne of seed, ensuring complete coverage. Using Raxil on Oats Disease: Loose smut and Covered smut  Mix 1.0 L of Raxil with 5 - 10 L of water and apply as a slurry treatment

New Zealand once again holds the wheat world record!

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record attempt sparked in the minds of Eric and Maxine during late summer 2015. The news was circulating in Canterbury that Warren Darling, farming near to Timaru, looked set to be awarded the barley yield world record. David Weith, Regional Technical Manager for Bayer in Mid-South Canterbury, had

Betanal quattro case study - Chris Horn, Waitaki

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rate of utilisation with beets compared to other supplementary feed sources. “And for beef farmers growing out yearlings, there are no real complications, the yearlings transition well onto beets, with few problems.” The split now would be 70:30 dairy to dry stock, and perhaps
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