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. Kelly's Citrus Thrip Grass grub (Costelytra zealandica) is the larval stage of the bronze beetle and is found throughout New Zealand from Southland as far north as Waikato. Grass grubs feed on the roots of pasture and Read less Read more autumn planted cereals and can cause extensive plant


- 200,000 seeds which germinate in shallow soil. Scentless Chamomile Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is an important cultivated grass species which becomes a very competitive weed when growing in cultivated crops. Though it is a perennial species it will still Read less Read more produce


and Grass grub larvae ; Use 90 ml/100 kg of seed. Mix with sufficient water (usually 10 L/tonne of seed) and apply to seed ensuring even coverage. Using Gaucho on Forage Brassicas Insect Pests: Aphids, Argentine stem weevil, Springtails, Wheat bug  Use 12 - 24 ml/kg of seed. Apply to seed

Aviator Xpro case study - Frank and Harry Collier, Manawatu

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of cereals every year. “It’s part of our regrassing programme so the land’s cropped about every sixth year,” explains Frank. The soil is Tokomaru silt loam with a clay base. “It’s all tile drained and can get very wet in the winter hence why we don’t have cattle on at that time of year.” Bayer New

Aviator Xpro/Prosaro case study - Andrew West, Mid-Canterbury

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cropping farmer Andrew West grew fantastic wheat crops this season – with yields of up to 15 tonnes per hectare (ha). Andrew – who farms a 900 ha, irrigated property at Wakanui, east of Ashburton – grows wheat, barley, ryegrass, peas, radishes, potatoes and other crops. Aviator Xpro/Prosaro case


To Alion or not to Alion Alion, vineyard, broadleaf, grass weeds, glyphosate resistant weeds, ryegrass If you want cleaner rows for longer under trees, Alion definitely is the answer. Alion provides long lasting (up to 5 months) pre-emergent control of broadleaf and grass weeds in your


pansy (Viola arvensis) is easy to recognise as it resembles the garden pansy. Found in parts of the North Island but more commonly in the South Island, field pansy is a very competitive and yield robbing weed if not controlled. Annual poa (Poa annua), also known as annual meadow grass, is a fast

Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops.

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops. Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops Othello OD,Hussar,Jaguar,Herbicide,Barley,Wheat,Ryegrass Seed Crops Now is the time to walk your paddocks


in ryegrass seed crops. The exceptional control has lifted average yields resulting in increased the profitability of these crops. Used in wheat Proline provides very effective control of Septoria leaf botch (SLB). Without Proline containing fungicides it is true to say SLB would be very difficult

Aviator Xpro case study - Graeme Marshall, Darfield

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Canterbury irrigated property, with an emphasis on seed crops; but also includes dairy grazing and wintering lamb as part of their farming programme.  Last year, the Marshalls grew a wide variety of crops including: wheat; barley; ryegrass; white clover; peas; browntop; fescue – as well as some maize
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