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Field Pansy

Field Pansy Field Pansy Field Pansy Field Pansy Field pansy (Viola arvensis) is a low growing annual weed that is very common in the South Island. Can germinate all year round and is usually found in cultivated crops and waste areas. Field Pansy


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Firebird is a pre-emergence herbicide that controls a wide range of key arable weeds in both wheat and barley. Weeds such as vulpia hair grass, an increasing problem on Canterbury farms; annual poa, found in most arable paddocks and field pansy, speedwell and field


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Jaguar is an early post-emergence herbicide with short residual activity recommended for the control of field pansy and other broad-leaved weeds in ryegrass and white clover seed crops. Pack size 10L. Please download label for full use guidelines. Bayer New


and the seed heads are tall at around 1 m in height. Forage Tall Fescue Field pansy (Viola arvensis) resembling the garden variety pansy, the field pansy grows year round in parts of the North Island, but more commonly in the South Island. It grows in planted paddocks, on Read less Read more waste


pansy (Viola arvensis) is easy to recognise as it resembles the garden pansy. Found in parts of the North Island but more commonly in the South Island, field pansy is a very competitive and yield robbing weed if not controlled. Annual poa (Poa annua), also known as annual meadow grass, is a fast

Time to get on top of weeds in cereals

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control annual poa and ryegrass along with a long list of important weeds such as field pansy. If wild oats are a problem then applying Puma S will provide effective control. For barley Hussar is the product of choice. Controlling a wide range of broad leaved weeds, Hussar ensures you get your crops

Aviator Xpro case study - Graeme Marshall, Darfield

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Aviator Xpro case study - Graeme Marshall, Darfield Aviator Xpro case study - Graeme Marshall, Darfield Darfield-based arable farmer Graeme Marshall has taken a proactive approach to fighting the impact of speckled leaf blotch – also known as Septoria tritici

Betanal quattro case study - Simon Shortland, East Coast

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in early spring. Simon Shortland, Farmlands Gisborne Technical Field Officer who covers the East Coast region is witnessing strong growth in the planting of fodder beet, as farmers start to recognise its value for wintering sheep and beef stock on. Bayer New Zealand Limited For the 2014


solution with a suite of products across all key parts of the growing season. Not just any products - products with a heritage of research and development supported by comprehensive in-the-field technical support but most importantly, products that are proven to work season after season, by you

Movento 150OD

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psyllids in outdoor field tomatoes. Movento 150OD is unique in that it has two-way systemicity in plants. This means it moves both upwards and downwards and can therefore reach pests that cannot be directly targeted by spray coverage. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Movento 150OD on Field
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