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Fathen Fathen Fathen Fathen Fathen (Chenopodium album) is a spring germinating annual weed that is regarded as one of the most pernicious weeds in New Zealand. Very common and capable of growing up to 2 metres tall, fathen is a seriously competitive weed in all cultivated crops. Fathen


are approximately 3 mm in the form of a cross and grow in groups of two or three out of a ring of six bracts between January and December. Fruit is round, dry and bristly containing two seeds (referred to as nutlets). Field Madder Fathen (Chenopodium album) is one of the most serious weeds

Managing Weeds

to weed competition. This is especially the case during the first eight weeks where faster growing weeds can outcompete and choke the developing beet crop. Poor weed control can severely reduce yields. Fast growing weeds that emerge early and grow taller (eg; fathen, willow weed etc) than the crop cause

Aviator Xpro case study - Ian Batchelor, North Canterbury

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seven-and-a-half and ten tonnes of spring barley and last summer was pretty dry so we were very happy with that.” “It was the first time I’ve ever seen a crop of barley senesce naturally rather than die off due to disease and it was beautiful grain to harvest,” recalls Batchelor. Aviator Xpro case

Betanal Forte

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not apply if air temperatures are likely to exceed 29oC on the day of spraying. Herbicide activity will also be slowed down in cool weather. Betanal Forte readily controls seedling stages of: chickweed, fathen, fumitory, groundsel, redroot, shepherd’s purse, spurrey, nettle and twin cress. Black

Cereal fungicides – what should I apply this spring?

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. While the recent strong recovery in the milk solids price still has some way to go, it shows there is light at the end of the tunnel and that demand for cereals is likely to be stronger next year. Current enquiries through our website are focused around product choice rather than the merit of applying

Don’t miss the last chance to protect your cereal crops

of green leaf area. To control Ramularia, leaf rust and any late scald and net blotch infections, apply Aviator Xpro at 1.0 L/ha at flag leaf emergence. Trials carried out by Bayer in Canterbury have shown that applying a fungicide at flag leaf emergence, rather than waiting to the traditional

Betanal quattro case study - Gareth Isbister, North Otago

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to the spring sowing season. It meant we had to delay spraying for longer than we would normally do, thanks to the crop being quite slow to emerge. His main focus for the Betanal quattro spray programme was fat hen and wire weed. The trade off was to hit it earlier, rather than let it get too established

Betanal quattro case study - Chris Horn, Waitaki

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around the Waitaki Basin district. “With beef prices being strong, more farmers are wanting to finish cattle rather than trading them, and are looking to fodder beet as a feed source that is high yielding over a small paddock area,” says Chris. More beef farmers are recognising the high

Delegate Hamish Clarke shares his experiences from attending the GYAS with Bayer

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-based thinking for problem solving, rather than creative-thinking.    Todd outlined that creativity is the answer to any problem, but creative leadership lies within the ability for a leader to fight of their fears, and hold onto a creative idea for just five minutes longer than others
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