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Folicur SC

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appearance of disease.  A further application may be necessary 3 - 4 weeks later if disease pressure remains high or re-infection occurs. DiseaseEar disease complex ; Apply 440 ml/ha to fully emerged ears. Using Folicur SC on Oats Disease: Crown rust  Apply 440 ml/ha


Diseases Diseases Diseases Identify & control diseases Diseases black scurf, black spot, botrytis, brown rot, covered smut in barley, crown rust, downy mildew in onions, early blight, ear disease complex, European canker, fireblight, glume blotch, late blight, leaf rust in barley, leaf


Zealand Limited Find out more Using Prosaro on Wheat Diseases: Septoria tritici, Stripe Rust, Leaf rust, Powdery mildew, Glume-blotch, Ear disease complex ; Apply 1.0 L/ha on the first sign of disease.  Should disease pressure persist or reinfection occurs, a further application may


Delaro on Wheat Diseases: Septoria leaf blotch, Stripe rust, Leaf rust, Glume blotch, Ear disease complex. Apply 750 ml/ha in 200 L/ha water by ground application or 50 L/ha by aerial application. Using Delaro on Ryegrass seed crops Diseases: Crown rust, Stem rust, Blind seed disease. Apply 750 ml/ha


for outstanding disease control in grapes Growing quality, disease free, harvest ready fruit is a long, complex process. At Bayer we understand every stage and work closely with you to provide an integrated crop solution with a suite of products across all key parts of the growing season. Not just

Solution Finder

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Solution Finder Solution Finder Solution Finder Find the right product Solution Finder The Bayer Crop Science Solution finder lets you search across crops and diseases, weeds, insects to find the right products. Solution Finder

Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury

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years on their property, Poplar Grove, just south of Timaru. The Darlings have put the lessons they’ve learned over the years to good effect on the crops grown on their 450ha farm. Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury Aviator Xpro

Aviator Xpro/Prosaro case study - Andrew Gillanders, Central Canterbury

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of times. However, with early sowings and good crop husbandry we are able to limit the uncertainty.” Last year, the Gillanders averaged cereal crop yields of around 7 tonnes/ha from the autumn sown crops. However, yields for the spring sown crops on lighter soils were a different story &ndash


and Bayer has a hard earned reputation for producing high performing formulations you can rely on. Disease control revolutionised Proline has revolutionised the control of key diseases in key arable crops. It is especially effective against scald in barley and stem rust and blind seed disease

Answering disease management questions is a focus for Bayer

the untreated plots in the trial were dead before Christmas. On the South Island crops started clean but then disease developed aggressively through December and early January. Every year Bayer receives questions around the use of arable fungicides. Not questions specifically about Bayer fungicides
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