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Cornbind Cornbind Cornbind Cornbind Germinating in the spring, Cornbind (Fallopia convolvulus) is an annual with a scrambling and twining growth habit. It is problematic in cultivated crops and is common in the North Island but is very abundant in Canterbury. Cornbind


Island but less common as you go southwards in the South Island. Creeping Mallow Cornbind (Fallopia convolvulus) also known as Black-bindweed, is a climbing, spreading vine that grows to 1 – 1.5 m long with stems that twine clockwise around other plant stems. The leaves Read less Read more

Betanal Forte

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nightshade, cornbind and willow weed are controlled only up to four true leaf stage.  Grass weeds, mature annual broad-leaved weeds, perennial broadleaved weeds and wireweed are not controlled.  Small beet plants do not tolerate competition from weeds. You should aim, therefore

Time to get on top of weeds in cereals

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. And then at harvest there is the problem of delayed ripening, a slow harvest and grain contamination to contend with. So no excuses, now is the time to apply Othello OD, Puma S and Hussar.

Firebird – the first line of defence for weed control in winter wheat and winter barley

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including consistent and effective control of a wide spectrum of broad leaved weeds along with annual poa and vulpia hair grass.  Combined this with the ease of a pre-emergence application applied at one simple rate. The result is a very convenient herbicide. But like all herbicides

Betanal quattro case study - Clinton Carroll, Wairarapa

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would sometimes mix it with at second application to knock out problem thistles. We also combined pretty much all the usual insecticides that we use with it, and there were no problems there either As a contractor he appreciated the “one mix” formulation, it was more likely to be held in stock

New Zealand farming couple grow record breaking wheat crop

always do better and that’s my aim. There were things I saw when I was out there in the combine harvester and I thought, yeah, I could do this a whole lot better,” adds Eric. Key facts about the world record wheat crop Winter wheat, variety Oakley Planted mid-April 2016, harvested


to deliver root to tip protection. Galmano when applied with Raxil as a combined seed treatment will give protection agains loose and covered smut (bunt) as well as stripe rust and powdery mildew.

Planning for wheat

of time. This means that in theory they could deliver the same yield for the plant. And they would if it wasn’t that the lower leaves, those below final leaf two (counting down from the flag leaf), receive far less light than the upper leaves due to canopy shading. The result is that the top

Disease Watch 2016 3rd Edition

to ensure you do not let Septoria develop from the bottom of your crops. If you do, yields will suffer as there is a very long time between now and harvest. Image below: While Septoria leaf spot can easily be seen in the crop, at the moment it is confined to the lower leaves. Without adequate control now
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