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Chickweed Chickweed Chickweed Chickweed Abundant throughout New Zealand, chickweed (Stellaria media) is a challenging annual weed in new pasture and crops. With its quick, low growing and sprawling habit (up to 40 cm), chickweed will easily choke developing crops. Chickweed favours good


Weeds Weeds Weeds Identify & control weeds Weeds weeds, grass weeds, broadleaf weeds, amaranthus, red root, annual poa, barley grass, barnyard grass, black nightshade, docks, thistles, chickweed, cleavers, clovers, cornbind, creeping mallow, dandelion, fathen, field madder, field pansy


and grass weeds e.g. chickweed, cleavers, annual poa.  Hussar is particularly effective at controlling ryegrass.


result in less effective control of hedge mustard, mouse-ear chickweed, nipplewort and rayless chamomile.

Betanal Forte

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not apply if air temperatures are likely to exceed 29oC on the day of spraying. Herbicide activity will also be slowed down in cool weather. Betanal Forte readily controls seedling stages of: chickweed, fathen, fumitory, groundsel, redroot, shepherd’s purse, spurrey, nettle and twin cress. Black

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