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shell like cap that varies in colour depending on species. Armoured Scales Argentine Stem Weevil (Listronotus bonariensis) often referred to as ASW is a small weevil from South America that is now found throughout New Zealand.  Adult stem weevils are hard to detect by  Read less Read more


and Grass grub larvae  Use 90 ml/100 kg of seed. Mix with sufficient water (usually 10 L/tonne of seed) and apply to seed ensuring even coverage. Using Gaucho on Forage Brassicas Insect Pests: Aphids, Argentine stem weevil, Springtails, Wheat bug  Use 12 - 24 ml/kg of seed. Apply to seed


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Calypso is a systemic insecticide for use in various fruit crops including: Apples – for the control of armoured scale, bronze beetle, codling moth, mealybug, Froggat’s apple leaf hopper and Fuller’s rose weevil. Avocados – for the control of thrips


and Bayer has a hard earned reputation for producing high performing formulations you can rely on. Disease control revolutionised Proline has revolutionised the control of key diseases in key arable crops. It is especially effective against scald in barley and stem rust and blind seed disease


aggressive later in the spring. Not controlled, stem rust will lead to major economic losses. Stem Rust Stem canker results from early season infections from Rhizoctonia solani on potato crops. The fungus attacks emerging stems causing characteristic browning /blackening symptoms on Read less Read


and has broad hairy leaves with deep lobes. The end lobe has a rounded shape. Flowers are very small, pale yellow, numerous, and can be found at the top of the main stem or at the end of branches. Stems are upright, with downward pointing hairs and alternate branches. Seed pods are found close

Aviator Xpro case study - Graeme Marshall, Darfield

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via ground early to his wheat crop – at the T1 stage— in an effort to stem any impact of a possible SLB outbreak. Its (Aviator Xpro’s) good SLB activity helped us achieve yields averaging between 8 and 12 tonnes per hectare; over the 64 ha of wheat we grew here last season. For the coming season

Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury

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; “with the input from Bayer through using products like Aviator Xpro and the technical advice from David Weith playing an important part of the process,” Warren adds. Warren also believes a switch to a reduced tillage system, five years ago, laid the foundations for last summer’s


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