Of all the uses to which plant protection products are put, seed treatments are one of the most specific, environmentally friendly and economical.

Bayer's seed treatment range includes many high-performance products enabling pests and diseases to be efficiently and economically controlled in many key crops.

Aliette Super Aliette Super Aliette Super is a seed treatment fungicide which has been specifically developed for the control of damping off, seed borne Ascochyta and Downy Mildew in peas and lentils.
Fluency Agent Bayer Fluency Agent Seed Flow Additive.
Galmano Galmano Seed treatment fungicide for control of foliar diseases in wheat.
Gaucho Gaucho An insecticide for use as a seed treatment on cereals, forage brassicas, grass seed, maize, sweetcorn, potatoes, pumpkins and winter squash.
Mesurol FS 500 Mesurol 500FS A seed treatment for repelling birds in maize, sweetcorn and sorghum.
Poncho A systemic insecticide for use as a seed treatment for protection from Argentine stem weevil, black beetle and greasy cutworm in maize and sweetcorn.
Poncho VOTiVO Poncho VOTiVO is a combination of Poncho, recognised as providing first class control of early season pests.
Raxil Raxil Seed treatment fungicide for control of loose and stinking smut (bunt) of wheat and loose and covered smut of barley and oats.
RAXIL STAR BAYER Raxil Star Raxil Star offers outstanding protection of cereal seed against seed borne diseases including net blotch. 1 more