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, speedwell, spurrey, stinking mayweed, storksbill, twin cress, vetch, volunteer brassicas, vulpia hair grass, white campion, white clover, wild oats, wild portulaca, wild radish, charlock, wild turnip, willow herb, willow weed, wireweed, yellow bristle grass Use this page for weed identification

Betanal Forte

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nightshade, cornbind and willow weed are controlled only up to four true leaf stage.  Grass weeds, mature annual broad-leaved weeds, perennial broadleaved weeds and wireweed are not controlled.  Small beet plants do not tolerate competition from weeds. You should aim, therefore

Managing Weeds

to weed competition. This is especially the case during the first eight weeks where faster growing weeds can outcompete and choke the developing beet crop. Poor weed control can severely reduce yields. Fast growing weeds that emerge early and grow taller (eg; fathen, willow weed etc) than the crop cause

Beet Herbicide Spray Programmes

). This Triple Mix broadens the range of weeds controlled and also provides some residual activity. If herbicide applications are delayed resulting in a high weed pressure/rescue type programme the following is recommended. If weed emergence delayed or slower – start Betanal quattro programme at beet

Betanal quattro case study - Clinton Carroll, Wairarapa

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about in recent years. Last year for the first time Clinton used the new Bayer Crop Science weed spray Betanal quattro, a “four in one” formulation that delivers simpler mixing, faster application and effective control across a broad spectrum of problematic weeds. Bayer New Zealand Limited Fodder


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Buster is a proven, broad spectrum, non-selective contact herbicide providing post-emergent weed control of more than 60 common weeds found in New Zealand vineyards and orchards, including clovers, creeping mallow and willow herb. To minimise the impact of weeds

Solution Finder

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Solution Finder Solution Finder Solution Finder Find the right product Solution Finder The Bayer Crop Science Solution finder lets you search across crops and diseases, weeds, insects to find the right products. Solution Finder

Betanal quattro case study - Neil Rowe, Rotorua

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solution spray, and its dealt with those problem weeds very effectively,” Neil says. Farming in the Mamakus near Rotorua, Neil Rowe can claim to be an early fodder beet convert and he is not likely to be changing from that any time soon. Betanal quattro case study - Neil Rowe Betanal quattro case

Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury “Bayer provided our entire seed treatment, weed and disease control program – including its newly launched fungicide Aviator Xpro,” Warren says


To Alion or not to Alion Alion, vineyard, broadleaf, grass weeds, glyphosate resistant weeds, ryegrass If you want cleaner rows for longer under trees, Alion definitely is the answer. Alion provides long lasting (up to 5 months) pre-emergent control of broadleaf and grass weeds in your
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