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can also take the form of dark stripes and streaks and when infection is severe in large dead areas of leaf. Infection sources are either seed or crop debris, which is borne out by second year barley crops being likely to carry infection. Net blotch development is favoured by cool, moist conditions


: Loose smut and Covered smut  Mix 1.0 L of Raxil with 5 - 10 L of water and apply as a slurry treatment to 1.0 tonne of seed, ensuring complete coverage. Using Raxil on Oats Disease: Loose smut and Covered smut  Mix 1.0 L of Raxil with 5 - 10 L of water and apply as a slurry treatment

Aliette Super

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mildew Use 2.9 kg/tonne of seed as a slurry treatment or as a dry powder treatment. Ensure all seed is evenly coated with product. After treatment keep seed in a dry draught free store, correctly labeled. Sow seed as soon as possible after dressing. Do not keep treated seed for more than 6 months

Field Pansy

Beet Young plants grow as rosettes with stems close to the ground. Leaves are oval with long stalks and sparsely toothed. As plants mature, leafy stems grow upwards to 30 cm high. Yellow to cream flowers are produced on long stalks. COTYLEDONS: Apex rounded, base rounded Short-stalked LEAVES


wheat yield for farmers every year. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Galmano on Wheat Disease: Stripe rust, Leaf rust, Powdery mildew  Mix 1.0 L with sufficient water (5 - 10 L) and apply as a slurry treatment to 1.0 tonne of seed ensuring complete coverage. Galmano is no longer


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is a commonly found weed of cropping areas, especially in the South Island. Bayer New Zealand Limited For Vegetables For Arable Crops For Fodder Beet Grows up to 30 cm tall and is sparsely branched. Leaves are in opposite

Black Nightshade

round berries (7-10 mm) that ripen to black. In fodder beet is readily controlled as a seedling up to 3-4 leaf stage. COTYLEDONS: Egg shaped Broad - oval with pointed apex Base tapered, hairy and stalked LEAVES - Seedling/Young Plant: Oval to egg shaped, sparsely haired Leaves alternate on stems

David Parker, Territory Sales Manager, Mid - North Canterbury

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, it has become an invaluable supplement crop for many dairy farmers and increasing numbers of sheep-beef farmers in the region. It is a demand he sees likely to continue to grow in coming years as farmers work to maximise the return per hectare with more efficient feed sources. David Parker
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