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with yellow centers. It germinates in the spring and is common in crops, disturbed ground and thin established pastures. As its name suggests when crushed stinking mayweed has a very strong distinctive smell. Stinking Mayweed Spurrey (Spergula arvensis) is a fine-stemmed, sprawling annual weed which


threshold for grass grub is two grubs per spade square. Well before sowing, take a garden spade and dig ten sample squares to the depth of the spade blade in a diagonal across the paddock. Sift through the soil and if an average of more than two grubs per sample is found treat with an effective seed


can also take the form of dark stripes and streaks and when infection is severe in large dead areas of leaf. Infection sources are either seed or crop debris, which is borne out by second year barley crops being likely to carry infection. Net blotch development is favoured by cool, moist conditions
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