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Spurrey Spurrey Spurrey Spurrey Spurrey (Spergula arvensis) is common throughout New Zealand. Germinating in the spring and autumn and typically in dense populations, Spurrey can suppress establishment and significantly compete with developing crops. Spurrey

Field Pansy

Beet Young plants grow as rosettes with stems close to the ground. Leaves are oval with long stalks and sparsely toothed. As plants mature, leafy stems grow upwards to 30 cm high. Yellow to cream flowers are produced on long stalks. COTYLEDONS: Apex rounded, base rounded Short-stalked LEAVES


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is a commonly found weed of cropping areas, especially in the South Island. Bayer New Zealand Limited For Vegetables For Arable Crops For Fodder Beet Grows up to 30 cm tall and is sparsely branched. Leaves are in opposite

Black Nightshade

round berries (7-10 mm) that ripen to black. In fodder beet is readily controlled as a seedling up to 3-4 leaf stage. COTYLEDONS: Egg shaped Broad - oval with pointed apex Base tapered, hairy and stalked LEAVES - Seedling/Young Plant: Oval to egg shaped, sparsely haired Leaves alternate on stems
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