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, forage tall fescue, fumitory, galinsoga, groundsel, hawkesbeard, hedge mustard, henbit, lesser canary grass, mouse-eared chickweed, nettle, nipplewort, oxtoungue, parsley piert, plantain, rayless chamomile, ryegrass, scentless chamomile, shepherds purse, small flowering buttercup, sow thistle


, e.g. annual poa, shepherd's purse, spurrey. Nortron is the brand leader, known and trusted by New Zealand farmers for many years. Based on non-ALS chemistry Nortron allows a break from using ALS herbicides in paddocks and is an important part of weed control husbandry.

Betanal quattro case study - Neil Rowe, Rotorua

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here, so he can pick things up before they are a problem. He invests a lot of time looking at the crop, and advising us on how to get the best results, not all reps do that. Problem weeds for Neil in the beet crop are typically red root, nightshade and shepherd’s purse, all dealt

Betanal Forte

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not apply if air temperatures are likely to exceed 29oC on the day of spraying. Herbicide activity will also be slowed down in cool weather. Betanal Forte readily controls seedling stages of: chickweed, fathen, fumitory, groundsel, redroot, shepherd’s purse, spurrey, nettle and twin cress. Black
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