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). Mealybugs are sap sucking hidden pests that prefer sheltered and protected sites on plants. Often the first indication of their presence is sooty mould which grows on the honeydew produced from mealybug feeding. Mealy Bug Kelly’s citrus thrips (Pezothrips kellyanus) is a serious pest of citrus

Movento 100SC

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calyx closure and pre-harvest.  Use a maximum of 3 applications per season. Usine Movento 100SC on Blueberries Insect Pest: Thrips and Mealy bug Use 150 ml/100L of water (minimum of 750 ml/ha). Apply at 14 - 21 day intervals, up to three times per season, using sufficient water to obtain good

Grapes (Managed MRL)

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, Scala, Serenade Max and Impulse are highly effective for controlling these key diseases in grapes. Bayer insecticides Movento 100SC and Confidor provide solutions for controlling mealybugs in grapes which is crucial as they vector the debilitating grape leafroll virus (GLRV3). Grapes (Managed MRL

Apples & Pears

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Apples, Pears, New Zealand As the New Zealand pipfruit industry is focused on export, producing high quality fruit that meets market expectations is paramount. Controlling the key insect pests (codling moth, apple leafcurling midge, mealybug ) and diseases (black


. Kiwifruit – for the control of armoured scale. Peaches and nectarines – for the control of thrips. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Calypso on Apples Insect Pests: Armoured scale, Bronze beetle, Codling moth, Mealy bug ; Use 30 ml/100 L water with a maximum dose of 600 ml/ha. Apply at petal fall

Movento 100SC - New Label Claim

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of Movento 100SC for controlling Thrips and mealybug in their crops. “Movento with its 2-way systemicity properties is ideal for controlling hidden sucking pests that are often difficult to directly access with spray applications” says Phil Bertram, Bayer CropScience Territory Manager.  “On blueberries

Young Viticulturist of the Year

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are highly effective for controlling key diseases in grapes. Other products include insecticides Movento 100SC and Confidor that provide solutions for controlling mealybugs. The Young Viticulturist of the Year competition kicks off in June with the regional finals held in New Zealand’s main


profitability. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Confidor on Grapes Insect Pest: Mealybugs ; Young non-bearing vines and vines for removal: Apply 1.5 ml/500 ml water/vine as a single drench treatment in autumn or winter to the base of non-bearing replant vines or vines awaiting removal. If rainfall


and Grass grub larvae  Use 90 ml/100 kg of seed. Mix with sufficient water (usually 10 L/tonne of seed) and apply to seed ensuring even coverage. Using Gaucho on Forage Brassicas Insect Pests: Aphids, Argentine stem weevil, Springtails, Wheat bug ; Use 12 - 24 ml/kg of seed. Apply to seed
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