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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Impulse is a systemic fungicide for the control of powdery mildew in grapes, barley and wheat. Impulse is highly systemic with protectant, curative and eradicant activity. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Impulse on Wheat & Barley Disease: Powdery


resistance management tool in powdery mildew programmes Flexibility – suitable for pre and post flowering applications Highly systemic powdery mildew control Impulse Compatible with sulphur and commonly used botryticides Ideal for use at the key powdery mildew control timing (80

Grapes (Managed MRL)

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, Scala, Serenade Max and Impulse are highly effective for controlling these key diseases in grapes. Bayer insecticides Movento 100SC and Confidor provide solutions for controlling mealybugs in grapes which is crucial as they vector the debilitating grape leafroll virus (GLRV3). Grapes (Managed MRL

About Bayer Crop Science Globally

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– and with good reason. At the same time there is no misperception about the fact that the coming years will be difficult and numerous obstacles will have to be overcome. Reaching targets The development of new products and significant growth impulses from the product registrations of recent years

Horticulture - Passion for Growing

with a highly effective tool for controlling a number of critical pests in kiwifruit, grapes, apples and potatoes. For powdery mildew control in grapes, Luna Sensation and Impulse are highly effective options. Our biological fungicide, Serenade Max is a biological control option for botrytis control

Young Viticulturist of the Year

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-based supporter and supplier of innovative technologies to the grape industry. We are looking forward to working with Bayer for this year’s competition,” says Emma. Bayer supplies several products for grape growth and protection including fungicides Teldor, Scala, Serenade Max and Impulse, which

Bayer Science Fund Reaches More Schools

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their local environment and how to improve it. They will gain an appreciation of the relevance of science and technology to their daily life and learn the skills of critical thinking that they can apply widely. “We are pleased this fund is assisting more schools to deliver these valuable programmes which

Youth Ag Summit

the image of farmers and the breadth of opportunities in the agriculture industry. Promote socially acceptable and responsible consumption — empower consumers to directly improve the sustainability of supply chins by developing educational platforms and resources which promote utilisation

Aviator Xpro/Prosaro case study - Andrew Gillanders, Central Canterbury

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; due to the very dry conditions. Andrew decided to try the Bayer products on his wheat and barley last year as he is a firm believer in using new technology to help improve his crop yields. Aviator Xpro and Prosaro are used to control key fungal diseases in wheat and barley, including Septoria

New Zealand farming couple grow record breaking wheat crop

at minimising fertiliser use wherever possible. The couple constantly try to improve farm performance and describe their business as a clear partnership that shares strategic planning and overall management. They have won numerous farming awards, including Lincoln University’s ‘South Island
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