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inherent stickiness the leaves, stems and seeds can cling to human clothing. Bayer New Zealand Limited For Arable Crops For Fodder Beet Germinating in the autumn through to the spring, cleavers can growth up to a metre in fertile soils. With hooks on the stems, it can scramble over and up


species with creeping stolons and characteristic three leaflets per stem. Clovers Cleavers (Galium aparine) are a common, widespread annual weed found throughout New Zealand. A significant weed of cereal and horticultural crops and often found scrambling up fencelines Read less Read more


. But you don't need to be Shakespeare to know that if you want cleaner rows for longer under trees and vines, Alion definitely is the answer.  Alion provides long lasting pre-emergent control of broadleaf and grass weeds in your vineyard or apple orchard. Alion manages the weeds and allows you


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Buster is a proven, broad spectrum, non-selective contact herbicide providing post-emergent weed control of more than 60 common weeds found in New Zealand vineyards and orchards, including clovers, creeping mallow and willow herb. To minimise the impact of weeds


and grass weeds e.g. chickweed, cleavers, annual poa.  Hussar is particularly effective at controlling ryegrass.


Benefits Artist provides long lasting pre-emergence weed control, leading to increased yields and greater profitability Artist is an easy to use product that does require tank mix partners Artist provides control of cleavers a problematic weed in potato crops Pack size – 10 kg


Escolta Foliar Diseases threaten your beet crops potential Escolta Foliar Diseases Fodder beet Foliar Diseases threaten your beet crops potential: 1. Reduce green leaf area Less photosynthetic area Loss in total number of leaves 2. Reduce

About Bayer Crop Science Globally

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Bayer Crop Science Globally Bayer Crop Science Globally Bayer Crop Science Globally Bayer Crop Science was formed from the merger of two successful global players: Bayer Crop Protection and Aventis CropScience. About Bayer Crop Science Globally The history of Bayer Crop Science and its


Nettle Nettle Nettle Nettle Commonly called stinging nettle (Urtica urens) due to its leaves with stinging hairs on its leaves, which when brushed against cause a painful rash on human skin. Nettle is found throughout New Zealand especially in cropping areas and in pasture where

Extra talent to join NZ Youth Ag Summit delegation

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are bringing together more than 100 young leaders from around the world. The theme of the conference is feeding a growing world population. Bayer New Zealand managing director Holger Detje, who also heads the company’s local CropScience division, says he’s delighted that New Zealand has been asked
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