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Movento 100SC

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Movento 100SC is effective in controlling a range of sucking pests in fruit crops, including: • Armoured scales in Kiwifruit. • Mealybug in Grapes. • Apple leafcurling midge and armoured scales in Apples. • Kelly's citrus thrips, Australian citrus whitefly


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Calypso is a systemic insecticide for use in various fruit crops including: Apples – for the control of armoured scale, bronze beetle, codling moth, mealybug, Froggat’s apple leaf hopper and Fuller’s rose weevil. Avocados – for the control of thrips


thrips and armoured scales in citrus. Teldor, Flint and Serenade Max are Bayer fungicides for controlling key fungal diseases. Bayer New Zealand Limited Information on citrus, pests that affect citrus, the products to treat the pests and spray programmes. Citrus Citrus Citrus


, grapes and citrus. Armoured scales are sucking pests which can debilitate plants  Read less Read more that are heavily infested but are of primary importance as their presence on fruit is a quarantine issue in many export markets. Armoured scale adults are small immobile insects with a protective
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