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pansy (Viola arvensis) is easy to recognise as it resembles the garden pansy. Found in parts of the North Island but more commonly in the South Island, field pansy is a very competitive and yield robbing weed if not controlled. Annual poa (Poa annua), also known as annual meadow grass, is a fast


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Firebird is a pre-emergence herbicide that controls a wide range of key arable weeds in both wheat and barley. Weeds such as vulpia hair grass, an increasing problem on Canterbury farms; annual poa, found in most arable paddocks and field pansy, speedwell and field


which ensures it spreads very effectively. Barley Grass Annual poa (Poa annua), also known as annual meadow grass, is a fast growing annual grass found throughout New Zealand in a wide range of crops. While individual plants tend to be small, Read less Read more populations of this grass


the important crop establishment phase. Sakura controls competitive and difficult grassweeds. It provides excellent control of the autumn germinating ryegrass, vulpia hair grass, annual poa and soft brome. In addition Sakura suppresses autumn geminating ripgut brome, prairie grass and wild oats


and grass weeds e.g. chickweed, cleavers, annual poa.  Hussar is particularly effective at controlling ryegrass.

Time to get on top of weeds in cereals

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control annual poa and ryegrass along with a long list of important weeds such as field pansy. If wild oats are a problem then applying Puma S will provide effective control. For barley Hussar is the product of choice. Controlling a wide range of broad leaved weeds, Hussar ensures you get your crops


, e.g. annual poa, shepherd's purse, spurrey. Nortron is the brand leader, known and trusted by New Zealand farmers for many years. Based on non-ALS chemistry Nortron allows a break from using ALS herbicides in paddocks and is an important part of weed control husbandry.

Firebird – the first line of defence for weed control in winter wheat and winter barley

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including consistent and effective control of a wide spectrum of broad leaved weeds along with annual poa and vulpia hair grass.  Combined this with the ease of a pre-emergence application applied at one simple rate. The result is a very convenient herbicide. But like all herbicides

NZ participants selected for Youth Ag-Summit

working as a graduate accountant for BDO, Christchurch, in its agribusiness division. About the Youth Ag-Summit The Youth Ag-Summit is a global bi-annual conference designed to inspire and connect the next generation of young leaders in agriculture and related disciplines. In 2017, 100 young leaders aged

Bayer Hawkes Bay Young Viticulturist of the Year 2015 announced

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are all specialists in various aspects of the industry.  The standard of entries was very high, showing a strong future for the viticultural industry in New Zealand. The annual Biostart Hortisports race also took place which included apple bobbing, hula hooping as well as tougher challenges
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